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Here you can find important information on any updates or events that are being hosted for Strength of a Woman. We want to make sure you stay informed, so make sure to check here for all new things with SOAW!


We celebrated 3 successful years. We say thank you to everyone who has made it possible for the Strength of a Woman by Ms GG Organization.


We celebrate men awareness. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this awesome event. I give special THANKS for a outstanding job 

Amelia Williams  co-hosting  with me.

 Thank you, Alex Wright, who was unable to attend.  However, he recorded his experience of being a victim of a of domestic violence. Men Too are victim.


THANKS, Westley Rogers, for sharing how important  it is to keep your marriage vows out.  Through sickness and health. He explained how MEN TOO  can be caregiver. His wife Joyce L. Rodgers, who has been a  breast cancer survival for  15 years. 

Thanks, Spencer Reaser  for your testimony about having cancer.

Thanks, Jeffrey Scott talked about how to be a loyal friend and brother to someone who has breast cancer. MEN TOO. He is on his side 1am and 2am in the morning because his friend needs him.. 

A big shout out to John M. Ray Jr., MD, and his partner  Katrina Geter Walden, RN, BSN for an outstanding job. Educating everyone about warning  and the importance of going to the doctor, getting checked. It's okay to seek counseling.  And more. Thank you 1000 times.


Strength of a Woman by Ms. GG recently held a clothes drive where we gave away  socks, panties , bras and underwear to underprivileged kids.  The events were held at St. Andrews, Alcorn Middle and Eau Claire High Schools.


I would like to thank everyone who has made my year a big success. A big shout out to Felicia Berry for creating my beautiful t-shirt., Reggie Bell for the crispy, flavorful brown chicken and Jeanette Cue for the delicious key line cake. Move higher and high. Stay tone for my up coming events. 


From one QUEEN to another, here's a special motivational message from Monica to you.



2-day workshop filled with love, laughter & learning affiliation, loving yourself.

·        - See vs. looking

·        - Listen vs. hearing

·        - Choices, Decisions, and consequences

·        - One on one personal Conversation

·        - Personal Development

·        - Girl talk

·        - How to handle conflict

·        - Think positive

·        - Vision board

What to do and not to do when you're cooking. Be in a good mood. On the last day, the young ladies cooked dinner for the parents.


Recognizing and congratulating an outstanding man of God, father, husband, son, uncle, cousin and friend. Thank you for your hard work you do in your home, church and community.

                                                                             Mr.  Robert Johnson

Robert attended the public schools in Baltimore, Maryland. Robert graduated and furthered his education at Devry Institute of Technology in Columbus, Ohio. In 1988, Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Robert has been employed with Reynolds & Reynolds for over 25 years as a Field Engineer, around South Carolina.  On June 26, 1993 Robert married Averia LaNet Patterson, and they have one son Robert Thomas Johnson.

On January 20, 2002, Robert was ordained as a Deacon of Bible Way Church of Atlas Road and faithfully served.

Robert serves as Leader of Care Group 16, 3rd Sunday Children's Church Coordinator, 4th Sunday Parking Lot Attendant, 2nd Sunday School Teacher, and Men's Ministry.


                ALL GIRLS SHINE

          Love, laughter and learning


You’d be surprised how many times a woman sits in her car, or on her bed, or in the bathroom, or in the living room & quickly cries cause she’s so stressed out, but when she shows her face again, she looks perfectly fine, unbothered & she still manages to smile & go about her business like nothing happened! Women are the most resilient creatures & we go through a lot!



My nonprofit 501c3 organization, Strength of a woman By Ms. GG, Grateful Giving Closet, will collect supplies for our summer care package for ladies and gentlemen. We will be providing supplies at St. Andrews Middle, Alcorn, and Eau Claire High. The goal is to provide enough supplies for the students to last the entire summer. The care packages will include deodorants, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, socks, sanitary napkins, etc.

We are asking for your support by donating or providing some of the supplies for our care packages.

You can donate to the

cash app $asmile66,

Zelle 803-3310702

Paypal @soawsc

Or inbox me for arrangements for supply pick.

Thank you, Ms. GG


Strength of A Woman By Ms. GG along with Mzz GG Style With A Smile will be sponsoring a total of 9 kids to enhance their beauty by beatifying their hair with love.

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